Sciarra releases follow-up single “Surrender It All”

Sciarra is an electronic-pop artist based in Los Angeles originally from Anaheim, CA. She is releasing her single “Surrender It All” via the upcoming label Artist Intelligence Agency. This will be her second single after taking a hiatus in 2018 to reinvent her sound. The song bridges the gap between trailer music and dark electronic-pop featuring haunting vocals, heavy drums, and emotional progressions that build to an orchestral drop creating an unique soundscape. “This song is about the monster living inside our mind that we are constantly trying to battle. We find ourselves trying to run from it but realize that we have to accept it to keep ourselves moving forward” Sciarra explains. She hopes to bring more truth to the music scene and reflect what is going on in the world through her songs. “We all go through dark times feeling sad, angry, or emotional. I want people to know they are never alone in the fight even when they feel like they are the only one. I hope my songs can have an impact on the person listening no matter what they are feeling that day” Sciarra explains.