HUNTER & THE BEAR – Release “Digital Light” Video

A song about the loose connections in friendships made in the digital age, “Digital Light” questions whether technology is inhibiting the relationships we form with those closest to us and assesses the impact it may be having on our mental health. Offering a satirical take on the dark subject matter, the band star in a new video to accompany the release, which sees them putting our all-consuming reliance on phones to the ultimate test…

Speaking about the new video for “Digital Light”, Will Irvine explains:

“[Technology] seems to get in the way of real relationships and make us blind to things we need like love and human contact along with boosting anxiety and mental health problems, especially in our younger generation…. I wanted to write “Digital Light” without being preachy. It’s not like I’ve never been guilty of it and I hate it when people tell you how to live your life in songs. It’s just a pet hate of mine that I needed to let out. Parts of it are kind of tongue-in cheek and that’s how we approached the video for it too. That was awesome to film and we’re keen to see what people think.”