FreeVibe Releases New Single “Show Love”

Ghana based Hip-Hop/Afro-Pop artist FreeVibe releases a new song reminding humans to show love to one another. The rapper educates all listeners through this inspiring song to be kind and loving to one another. As the saying goes, “Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy”, so do we have to show love to all souls. “Not just our lovers should we love. But I think if we love and love unconditionally, we will make no enemy” – FreeVibe

FreeVibe is a hip-hop/afropop artist from Kumasi, Ghana. He has been into music since the age of five (where he used to play with friends, using empty containers as drums and sticks as microphones).

After completing high school in 2013, FreeVibe started writing his own songs and formed the rap crew, “The Rap Dealers”. However, the group disbanded in 2015 and this made FreeVibe to take a solo path as an artist.

The rapper, who is also an atheist, spends most of his days under shades (trees), either reflecting on life or writing a song. Anything from mountainous areas; river banks; at the beach; in the trees; to watching the night sky, FreeVibe is interested. “In my solitude at those natural areas, I find my inspirations to write the songs that you love” – FreeVibe