Making his exciting debut today is Filipino Canadian multi-instrumentalist Hamb Sun (Zak Haddad), who shines on imaginative single Jigglypuff. Having played live shows with the likes of Kero Kero Bonito, Mild High Club and Blank Banshee, Hamb Sun looks set to introduce his world of intricate left-pop on his debut EP, from which Jigglypuff is the first single.

Speaking on the release, Hamb Sun states:

“Jigglypuff is a song about yearning to make a genuine connection with someone who only exists to them in a parasocial nature. I wrote it at a time where I felt increasingly lonely, increasingly out of touch with online interactions and completely let down by the facades of social media. It felt like falling for someone I actually knew almost nothing about. As I was writing, I thought “What does that sort of heartbreak look like? How would you express that in a song?”

I found it really freeing and exciting to play a scary monster movie character, drawing inspiration from Wes Anderson, Phantom of the Opera, and Joji’s video for “Slow Dancing In The Dark”.”