Carey Mercer announces new project Soft Plastics

Soft Plastics, is the new music project of Carey Mercer, former songwriter and leader of the critically acclaimed, indie-mainstay, Frog Eyes. The songs on their forthcoming new album, 5 Dreams (Paper Bag Records) were written by Mercer in the fall and winter of 2018–2019, mere months after the dissolution of Frog Eyes — the band Mercer shared for eighteen years with Mel Campbell and a rotating cast of musicians.

Today Mercer along with Mel Campbell and Shyla Seller who now compose this new band iteration and musical namesake, Soft Plastics: the name carries a tension. The sound of the words is sonorous, inviting; but the phrase describes an overwhelming force, a ubiquitous thing used to make so many other things, becoming slowly enmeshed in earth and water, permeating the flesh of living creatures. 5 Dreams leads off with the cerebral, “Rope Off The Tigers” and you can immerse yourself in the lyric video.