Brazilian artist, activist, world-renowned drag queen, and cross-cultural icon Pabllo Vittar shared the collaborative release of her new single “Tímida” featuring Mexican singer, actress, and businesswoman Thalía yesterday and the video for the track arrives today. The two Latin divas have come together on their first-ever collaboration which has led to one of the most anticipated partnerships in pop music. “Tímida” serves as the first single from the second installment of Pabllo Vittar’s forthcoming trilingual album 111 and showcases the duo’s lively and dazzling style melded into an expressive celebration of sexuality.

The spirited video depicts the unique and vibrant personalities of Pabllo and Thalía as they’re being watched by big brother’s inquisitive lens. The two create an atmosphere full of energy, dynamic dancing, special effects and radiant costumes that help reinforce the celebration of their sexuality found within the powerful lyricism of the song. Speaking on the collaboration, Pabllo shares “Working with Thalía was very special. It is an honor for me to have her in my album. She is a true queen who participates in the entire work process. I look forward to seeing people dancing and expressing themselves through our music” with Thalía commenting “I loved being with Pabllo. She has charisma, talent, she is skillful, a real pop diva. We had so much fun working together. The video clip is sexy, caliente [hot], with a lot of choreographies… I am sure it will inspire many women to feel sexy and empowered”.