Why More People are Using Medical Marijuana to Treat PTSD

PTSD is a common mental health condition that can affect how a person lives and sleeps every day. While there are many treatments available for this disorder, many people are turning to medical marijuana as a way to combat the daily struggles that they face. Understanding what the condition is and how to go about treating it can help you in finding an option that best suits your needs.

What is PTSD?

PTSD, also known as post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental health condition that can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. It is common among those who have been through some type of traumatic event. These instances might include a soldier coming back from war, a childhood abuse victim or a victim of some other type of crime. It’s not uncommon for people who have been through a natural disaster or other catastrophic event to develop PTSD symptoms. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and often include things such as insomnia, flashbacks, depression, dissociation, anxiety and panic attacks. The condition can be detrimental to the quality of the patient’s life, making it difficult for them to hold down a job or find joy in things they used to love.

Common Treatment Options

For most individuals who have PTSD, treatment includes an array of different options that all work collectively to help the patient. These options include cognitive behavioral therapy, SSRI medications (antidepressants) and other types of counseling. While many have found these treatments to work well, others are still having issues with the disorder and are trying to find relief. In this case, medical marijuana might be able to help bridge the gap between counseling and medical intervention.

Medical Marijuana Use

When the cannabinoids in the brain are not functioning properly, this can not only create but enhance certain mental health conditions. One of these issues is PTSD, and many are beginning to find that medical marijuana has its benefits in terms of treatment. Thankfully, you can easily get your medical marijuana card in New York using a secure process online. In just minutes, you’ll be approved for cannabis use and have the ability to go to virtually any dispensary that you want. Dosage of cannabis is specific to the person who is using it, as some patients will find that taking too large of a dose actually makes their symptoms worse.

Getting the Most Out of Treatment

While legal cannabis can help in the treatment of PTSD, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you use when trying to overcome the problem to get your life back on track. You should couple your cannabis use with other treatment options, like counseling and CBT done through a professional psychologist. By using a multitude of different treatments, you will find that this helps you to feel better throughout the day so that symptoms can naturally subside. Many people who are suffering also find that it helps to open up to others who are in similar situations, as you’ll find that this allows you to get things off of your chest.