Thirsty Curses Album Review By: Rony Paulino

Thirsty Curses is a rock and roll band based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Their latest album titled after their own band name serves as another successful entry into the Thirsty Curses catalogue. After listening to the album you can definitely tell that the band had a lot of diverse inspiration. To me their style is very reminiscent of hits from the early and mid 2000s era mixed in with their own style.

Many of the songs in the album begin by setting the tempo for the song for at least the first ten seconds if not more. After this is when the lyrics usually kick in with some sort of action from an activity or a memory that jumpstarts that track. From there the tempo is amplified by the lyrics into a relatable, yet catchy track. Self-reflection serves as a dominant theme throughout the album, as shown through the lyrics. As a result, you are bound to stumble across a memory or a time in your life when you felt a similar, if not identical emotion.

In particular, “You Don’t Have To Tell Me” and “Dimlit Cathedral” are some of the best examples of the carefree attitude the album embodies. You could easily see them fitting into a comedy or coming of age film. Yet, there is still a vast contrast tonally from song to song. For example, going from “Dimlit Cathedral” to “Cold Black Ink” you instantly feel the change in somber.

Wilson Getchell versatility is showcased in full affect because of his range as a singer and ability to play instruments that set a precedent for the rest of the song. It’s hard to imagine what some songs would sound like if it were not for his piano or guitar skills. Additionally, Kelly Otwell and James O’Keefe also had moments to shine throughout the album and bits that elevated the emotions of the song into the stratosphere. I found Clayton Hering’s performance on the bass to be quite notable for how seamless they entrenched themselves in the tracks, adding so muchtonally without overtaking the tracks. To sum up, Thirsty Curses marks its spot into a genre that is bound to take them to new heights.

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