Norway’s Kami Making Waves – ‘You Go Girl’

kamilla aal vesterdal, or Kami as she’s is known is a 28 year old singer songwriter. Kami grew up in the Norwegian village Kvam with a childhood filled with soccer and music. She wrote her first song at 14 years old after teaching herself to play the guitar. She never wanted anything else but to make music that would reach out to people. Since starting her music career. Kami’s music has reached every corner of the world and she has made her mark as a great songwriter and tagged as ‘one to watch’ in 2020.

After she finally started to live her dream as an artist she is, day-by-day, working towards growing her career as an artist and songwriter by working with top producers in top studios and building a great team (which of course includes friends and family). Her music consists of honesty, passion and meaningfulness. She always make sure that the melody and genre is in harmony with the feelings that floats. Her range of music exist in different themes from folk-music to pop-rock to beautiful ballads.