All About Le Labo

Le Labo is a brand that offers class, luxury and at the core of its existence the notion of being close to the earthy elements. This is a perfume based brand which started its operation in New York in the form of a laboratory where perfumes were made, tested and then bottled as well using only the fresh and pure ingredients and being free from any diligent contradicted objects such as using chemicals and other artificial systems. Le Labo is a French word which literally means the laboratory, because each and every product that is made and bottled takes place in a laboratory within New York. From here you can make an assumption about how special this type of product is and has easily made its way into the world of luxurious entities.

Furthermore, we will be discussing about the brief history or origin of this brand and what was the reason for which it came into being;

History/origin of the Le Labo

Le Labo began is operation within New York by renting out a small place and shifting it into a laboratory, the lab was then used for the stocking, processing and manufacturing of the perfumes, body care elements and lotions that were then bottled and sold right at front of the lab. When customers showed their interest into buying the products and actually liked the idea of using a product that is made purely by using the natural ingredients. Scents were crafted by drying off flowers and leaves and using essential oils to induce the scent into the perfume. The store was an overnight hit with the locals and from there the idea itself caught fire and was introduced as a proper brand oriented business having a different consumer name showing the commitment and uniqueness of the product that was brought further by the company as “Le Labo”.

Products offered by Le Labo

Le Labo offers perfumed or scented products ranging in the form of dynamic options that encompass the daily style oriented life of their customers. First of all there is the shower oil which is made from using the scented elements of the natural oil being grinded using freshly cultivated seeds to provide the body and skin with a smooth and delicate feeling. Next in line are various body lotions and perfumes which share the same story of being prepared using the naturally picked elements and free from the chemical instances. The bottom line is that whatever range of products you decide to buy from Le Labo you won’t ever be compromised on the quality and notion of trust that you so profoundly have put your trust into.

Furthermore, the brand is motivated to use only the natural and environment friendly substances and that is why not only the materials for processing and production are natural the packaging facility also relies over the use of environment friendly substances to provide you with the best of everything.