Chords Of Eve Present New Single “Brightside”

Pop gets a bad rap, thanks in no small part to the lack of imagination of the record companies who regulate what gets through and what gets held back, what they deem acceptable and what might be harder for them to make a quick buck from. Well, Brightside is certainly pop but it is sadly not the sort of thing you are likely to find rubbing shoulders with the current chart crop. And that is a shame as Chords of Eve, great name by the way, makes exactly the sort of music which the mainstream has long been crying out for.

Brightside blends an indie vibe with a sultry dance groove, is slightly dreamy infused around the edges yet painted from the sort of day-lo pop hues which make it wonderfully infectious and instantly memorable. When the revolution comes and the record executives are driven from their ivory towers and called to account, Chords of Eve will be providing the sound track to the first party ushering in the new pop age. Trust me, I’m a journalist.