Matt Westin Shows He Is The Real Deal On “Hey Bro”

A strong message of camaraderie and freedom runs though Matt Westin’s latest release. From soldiers in the field to bikers on the open road, fire fighters to old school outlaws, it was, is and always will be all about brotherhood or sisterhood, just call it solidarity or looking out for your fellow man,

Hey Bro is a fantastic country rock anthem, one which drives on the weight of the rock and roll sound and balances that with the finesse of a more countryfied vibe. It proves that impact doesn’t necessarily come from just being loud, it comes from rousing lyricism and clever use of dynamic, two things which this song has in spades.

At a time when the world seems ever more divided, ever more fractious, ever more willing to tear itself apart, it is worth remembering that there is always someone who is looking out for you, someone willing to go that extra mile.