The video for Hilary Roberts’ ‘Good Man’ has finally landed

Following on from the release of her wickedly fun tune, ‘Good Man’ Hilary Roberts has just unveiled the accompanying music video – a vibrant and unruly fiesta of a time with Roberts and her friends organizing a competition to find the Best Man.

You are defied not to crack a smile when watching Roberts and friends get up to all kinds of antics, and the song itself will certainly put a spring in your step. It sees Roberts branching out into new realms of instrumentation to craft this slice of pure pop perfection, including a riotous horn section during the chorus of the song, backing up the call-and-response lyrics perfectly. This is truly an anthem of the pop genre, and a song which is impossible to to tap your feet along to and belt the chorus when it comes.

This first release of the new decade follows an absolutely packed 2019. Hilary Roberts released no fewer than three smash Billboard hit songs, including the brilliant ‘Back 2 Life’, the emotionally poignant ‘Fight to the Other Side’ and of course, the infectiously catchy and festive ‘Christmas With You’.

‘Good Man’ is the perfect example of Hilary Roberts’ good nature and philanthropist tendencies put into action. Recently honoured alongside Aerosmith at the Musicare Awards and Janie’s Fund, Roberts now tells us that we must put our own needs first, find a man who treats us right and kick anyone toxic to the curb. Now this is the kind of energy we are looking for in 2020!