Rising artist Nnena debuts new song “Work It Out” and video, first new music in 2020

Rising rapper Nnena debuts a new song, “Work It Out,” today alongside a music video. The track was produced by Dave Hamelin (070 Shake, Leikeli47, etc.) and is out today on Loud Robot.

“‘Work It Out’ is a fun song to take your mind off the bullshit. I’m just a sick little bitch and dick is just floating around in my head. I’m goin’ out with my girls, dancing around the town and there’s a stupid guy around. Don’t want to give up the dick—dick is pretty controlling,” Nnena says of the track.

“Dave [Hamelin] was just playing me beats and he played this shit with hella drums in it, and some chanting in the background,” she continues. “I was like, okay, I feel connected to this shit. And we just started working on it. On the third verse, I had to get real bars-y in that bitch.”