Flat River Band Connect With “Beauty Amongst the Trees”

It’s odd that so much music made under the umbrella label of country is actually about the urban experience. Songs about the working man, the flag, the lights of Nashville, faithful dogs and reliable pick up trucks abound but less often are the songs actually about their namesake. The country…small c. Thanks to The Flat River Band that is no longer the case and Beauty Amongst The Trees, as its title suggests, is a song which reminds us that just beyond the city limit is a natural glory which we more often than not take for granted or just ignore altogether.

To a gentle and lilting tune and soft vocals, we are reminded that there is nothing in the city which can surpass the beauty of the natural world. In fact it goes a lot further too. Whilst we have our heads down, being anti-social thanks to social media, ironically, we are missing the beauty of the surroundings which modern society has gradually retreated from. A wonderful blend of country, folk and addictive melodies, not to mention some very deft playing and a message which seems more important than ever.