Brady Novotny New Single ‘Ancient Romance’

Fiery passion burns on Brady Novotny’s guitar heroics of “Ancient Romance”. The intensity of his playing conveys a sense of true yearning. Effortlessly moving between elements of folk alongside hard rock helps to give everything such tremendous power. Brady proves to be an absolute master of his instrument allowing it to filter through the entirety of the piece with such joy. He truly makes the thing sing for the riffs and knotted elements seem to simply waft up into the heavens. With the much welcome addition of vocals into the mix the song gains a dreamy eyed beauty to it. Behind him are additional masters for the backing band proves more than capable at keeping up with his incredible playing.

Eerie guitar strings introduce the piece perfectly. Upon the way everything seems to come together makes it a vast stream of sound. Volume needs to be blasted for this is a sound that needs to be felt as much as heard. Drums pound away with furious ambition. By far though the guitar rests in the very heard of it all. For the breakdown he reveals a quieter disposition, with Flamenco influenced work that helps to give it additional variety. By the very finale he lets it all simply fade away in a fantastic, lovely way.

“Ancient Romance” perfectly draws from the past and the contemporary, showing Brady Novotny to be a master at creating a work that feels truly timeless.