Ways to find ideas for writing

Even the most experienced writers can get writer’s block from time to time. But those who know the trade, also know the ways to beat it.

Writer’s block is a real phenomenon, and a question that sooner or later, every dedicated writer has to deal with is – how to get ideas for writing? So don’t worry, you are not the only one out there asking himself the same thing. If you find yourself in such a situation, here are a few good things you can try.


Start from a concept, an idea, or anything that’s related to the topic you want to write about and then… WRITE. Do it without concern about whether it is good enough, right or wrong. Just dump whatever is in your mind. This is a prewriting technique that’s often used by the pros to spark up the creative process. The ideas writing this way should be numerous enough to start building something more elaborate.

Use competitive intelligence tools

Buzzsumo, SEMrush, SimilarWeb are all great examples of what a modern competitive intelligence tool is. There are too many applications to name them all here, but rest assured that every pro writer has one or two of these under his or her belt. Keyword research, social media statistics, and many other creativity sparking features await for you here.

Become an idea collector

Develop a habit to be always on the lookout for interesting things to write about. Always be ready to identify and write down something that stands out in your daily activity and that may be worth exploring further in a piece of content. Perhaps something came out during a conversation you had with that friend of yours, or it was mentioned during that TV show you watched last night while eating dinner. Make sure you have an effective place to store all those great ideas you came across. It can be a physical diary or an app on your phone.

Hire someone to write a draft for you

Nowadays, it is not expensive to pay for math homework. Maybe you are a perfectionist, someone who is known for delivering solid and high-quality content, yet you struggle with the early stages of the writing process. If so, you may be interested in reading some PaperHelp org reviews (or other similar services) and maybe give them a try. They can write a draft for you, so you can skip the part that you struggle the most, and focus on what you do best.


Many people have an interest in quotes, we can identify them because of their posts in social media. But you know who really should be into quotes also? Content writers. Quotes often revolve around emphasizing a certain concept or powerful idea. This is what makes a good quote website a goldmine for the writer in search of inspiration.

Explain the ordinary

Sometimes we tend to think that good writing is all about going diving deep into the things that most people don’t think about. But we also often fail to realize that regardless of the type of writer that you are, we all write about life. This is why stopping to observe something rather ordinary can yield a rich number of creative ideas to write about. 

Think about your audience

As a content writer, you may want to give on your writing to be all about what you want. It’s not a secret that as content marketers, we must appeal to an audience. Ask yourself: What would my audience like me to write about? That question itself can bring in a healthy amount of creativity for you to work with.