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GLINTS drops grimey rhyme-attack ‘Minimum Wage’

“Minimum wage is a track for all the people that struggle to pay their rent. For everyone who knows the feeling of not being able to pay their groceries at the register, to then lie about how they’re going to the bank to withdraw money, only to never return to that supermarket. An ode to the rat in our hallway that we used to call Ratatouille. For everyone working dead-end jobs, trying to make something of themselves. Because the end of the month is a son of a bitch”

Grade 2 Share Music Video for “Look Up”

Today, UK punk band Grade 2 unveil the music video for their feel good tune “Look Up,” off the band’s third record Graveyard Island (Hellcat). The track is guaranteed to make you stomp your feet and the video, which follows the band on the road, will put a smile on your face. “‘Look Up’ is a song outside of our expected style,” explains vocalist & bassist Sid Ryan, “but nevertheless we put our heart and soul into it. Dedicated to all those who helped us along the way, everyone we met along this journey and to those who need a song to lift their spirits. This is for YOU!”


CocoRosie’s music has influenced a wide variety of artists – from Chance the Rapper collaborating with them on his last album, to Melanie Martinez stating the sisters are a major inspiration, as well as Jay Rock on “Knock It Off” and Macklemore/Ryan Lewis on “Stay at Home Dad” sampling their music and respected artists like Yoko Ono and Jim Jarmusch praising the sisters.

Alexander 23 returns with new track “I Hate You So Much”

This marks the first new music from the 24-year-old artist—who just sold out two headline shows, his first ever, at The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles—since 2019’s critically acclaimed debut EP I’m Sorry I Love You.

“‘I Hate You So Much’ is about being emotionally haunted by someone you desperately want to despise. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to hate someone, you can’t escape your unhealthy love for them,” Alexander says.

Helfró Reveal New Album Details, Premiere New Song and Music Video

Icelandic black metal band HELFRÓ will be releasing their self-titled debut album, via Season of Mist Underground Activists on April 24! The album art and tracklist can be found below. The band have shared their first single, “Afeitrun,” along with an official music video. The video was filmed in the beautiful, frozen landscapes of Iceland by Void Revelations.

Rudeboy Soundsystem | FAKE, out now!

The Swedish DJ and producer showed his face to the world of electronic music in late 2014.

Through the label of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike´s “Smash The House” came the hard-hitting debut single “Crash” which was premiered at Tomorrowland same year through mainstage and official aftermovie plays.

Rudeboy Soundsystem has since 2014 toured over 10 countries, held residencies at legendary venues like Cirque De Soir in Dubai, Adlib in Frankfurt & performed at festival mainstages every year since.

New release: JULA – Take It Back (single & video)

‘Take It Back’ is the second release of JULA via Tall Mountain Records. The song was written by JULA and co-produced alongside Jan Schröder (known for his work with Causes, DO, Mainstreet and Martin Garrix), while the mix and master was handled by Ian Grimble (Daughter, Sinead O’Connor, Mumford & Sons, and Radiohead) and Frans Hendriks respectively. JULA struggles to reconcile the image of “beauty” as portrayed in the media with that of her own body, succumbing to the pressure and allowing her art to be swallowed by feelings of inadequacy. “It has taken me longer than I hoped to get where I am musically, but I am now at ease with who I am and what I represent.” – JULA

New single & video with Finnegan’s Hell

“Six Feet Under” is the first single from the new album “Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class” by Swedish-Celtic folk rock extraordinaires Finnegan’s Hell. The album, released by Wild Kingdom Records, is a tribute to the thirsty Irish poets Oscar Wilde and Shane MacGowan, as well as Sweden’s most notorious bard, Carl Michael Bellman.

LUCID DREAM New Single ‘A Dress Of Light’ – Out Today!

Italian group Lucid Dream deliver the first slice of their powerful and tasteful progressive hard rock from their forthcoming Sliptrick Records album release The Great Dance Of The Spirit. It comes in the form of an online single and lyrics video for their excellent new track A Dress Of Light.

The band were quoted as saying; “This song is the etheric body’s seal. ‘Dress Of Light’ helps the artist to reach the spirit and shape the divine world in the matter.”

PSY:CODE releases first single ‘Demons Guide My Way’

Copenhagen-based PSY:CODE are well-known for their energetic live performances and ability to create different atmospheres and expressions through their music. Today they’re releasing the first single ‘Demons Guide My Way’ of their upcoming fourth album – a single that offers a roaring soundscape full of well-attuned riffs accompanied by the raw vocal of frontman Dennis Schou.

New Release ADEEN Feat. AMILLE ‘Fun’

Fun is a song about anger and disappointment towards a person who has made a fool of themselves by treating you like crap and just playing you, out of nowhere. The person has gone from being the person you thought you knew, to a complete jerk, but you realized that they only can blame themselves because they’re a “fuck-up with an attitude”.It’s an angry song with a touch of darkness, on how you feel after being played by an idiot.

New music: Seafret release hypnotic new single ‘Magnetic’ today

The new single demonstrates the Bridlington duo’s ability to create a killer pop chorus. ‘Magnetic’ is the final single to drop ahead of the release of the east-Yorkshire bands highly anticipated second album ‘Most Of Us Are Strangers’ which is set for release on March 13th.

Lukas Ionesco | New single “Time is Gone”

A new track, still fully folk and raw, from his new album “Magic Stone” scheduled for March 20th! The video clip is produced by his artistic and life partner Clara Benador, who once again shows the elegance and modern romanticism of this unique duet.

Pop Songstress Niki Black Releases Lustful Video

“In this song, the other man is actually consciousness, just like the serpent in the Bible,” shares Black. “The other man is the rebellion and awakening that will burst your Eden apart. It’s temptation. Lust. The embodiment of sexuality. The other man is tension. Or, in more modern terms, it is the undeniable feeling of channeling something internal when the person you are interested in ghosts you – when you and your girls are out for the night and you’re gonna conquer that other man…because screw your crush for not seeing how amazing you are.”

Zack Villere releases new album ‘Cardboard City’, out now via Independently Popular

Unhurried and unpretentious, Cardboard City wears its heart on its sleeve. Villere’s voice, a low, droning baritone, offers soothing comfort as it’s layered and looped on lead single “Sore Throat” and the Dijon-assisted “Rope Swing”. The album’s arrangements are equally tranquil, featuring piano and electric guitar at their warmest ones. To keep things interesting, productions are interspersed with sound effects that range from surprise electric reverb (“Knockout”) to vocal effects that resemble a braying sheep (“Hair Cut”).

Leif Erikson’s When Love Rings is about giving into romance again

‘When Love Rings’ explores the fear, trepidation and ultimately the courage of giving into romance again after being burnt by heartbreak. It includes (says the band’s singer, Sam Johnson) one of Leif Erikson’s favourite guitar licks they’ve ever recorded- that’d be Tom’s descending guitar line towards the end of the song – and again showcases the group’s ability to turn emotional turbulence into something transcendent.


Alt-pop maverick E^ST’s latest lavish track ‘FRESH OUT OF LOVE’ has been unveiled and is already making waves. The track follows her 2019 bangers ‘FLIGHT PATH’ and ‘TALK DEEP’, which became the number one most played song on triple j and was featured in the station’s coveted Hottest 100 countdown of the best songs of the year.

LARKINS Release New EP ‘Hit And Run’

Following the release of their recent track ‘Flood’, rising Manchester four-piece Larkins drop their highly-anticipated new EP Hit and Run.

An exciting reputation is already being formed – their arena-scale blend of anthemic, synth-laden alt-pop reverberating with a growing number with each subsequent release. Their two offerings for 2019 – the ‘TV Dream’ EP and the ‘Not Enough Love’ single have already amassed 5M streams and counting.

Dark Fortress Release “The Spider In The Web” From ‘Spectres From The Old World’

“Our third single, ‘The Spider in the Web’, is probably the most straight forward and “simple” song on ‘Spectres from the Old World’, but it comes with a twist: The mellow midsection adds another facet to the pallet and the gloomy ending part opens the door to another universe which will be carried on by the next song on the album,” states guitarist V. Santura about the track.

SHAMBOLICS – Alan McGee signees introduce: ‘Sandra Speed’

Whether it’s dreaming of ‘Sally Cinnamon’ to wondering ‘What Katie Did’ next, the greatest romances and tragedies of pop have been populated with muses plucked from the real-world and immortalised forever in an alternative world of song. With their latest single, Fife four-piece SHAMBOLICS continue this great tradition as they introduce us to ‘Sandra Speed’; a girl as ‘lonely as a winter… frail, pale and as white as snow’.