Pop Songstress Niki Black Releases Lustful Video – “THE OTHER MAN”

Today, Iranian-American songstress, Niki Black drops the official music video for her latest single, “The Other Man,” a multi-layered song that pierces the ether with a combination of angst and raw sexual energy.

“In this song, the other man is actually consciousness, just like the serpent in the Bible,” shares Black. “The other man is the rebellion and awakening that will burst your Eden apart. It’s temptation. Lust. The embodiment of sexuality. The other man is tension. Or, in more modern terms, it is the undeniable feeling of channeling something internal when the person you are interested in ghosts you – when you and your girls are out for the night and you’re gonna conquer that other man…because screw your crush for not seeing how amazing you are.”