Bad Sounds “Permanent”

Bad Sounds took big strides into 2020 with vigour & style, showing their hand with new EP, Escaping From a Violent Time Vol.1. You can now watch the video for Permanent, which is an anthem that flies the flag for self-acceptance.

Speaking on the track, the Bristol band state “It’s primarily about acceptance- learning how to accept your own shortcomings, and your own personality. Sometimes I feel like I just mirror the people around me in social situations, and started to worry that I didn’t even really have a personality of my own.”

Since Bad Sounds released their debut album in 2018 the band have matured in respect of the music they create, through Worldwide touring and releasing ‘Get Better’, their music is becoming more refined; becoming more reflective and conscious of current surroundings, pop music with serious undertones, topical conversation for Generation Z. “With Permanent we tried to imagine how it would be to be one of those lucky people who appear to be themselves regardless of the situation, and learn to be proud of who we are. It’s good to celebrate who we are every now and then… unless you’re a dickhead!”