Kathleen Healy Presents ‘Embracing the Journey’

She calls Cape Cod, MA home and Kathleen Healy is dubbed the “Saltwater Songwriter” for good reason. Much of her inspiration is drawn from the cool waters of Cape Cod where the salty sea consumes Kathleen’s soul. The music exhibits heavy oceanic elements with a splash of Americana and good ‘ol fashioned folk as Kathleen Healy is simply ‘Embracing the Journey’.

Besides having the ocean blue as her personal companion, Kathleen also embraces: family, friends and just life itself on the new record. All songs on ‘Embracing the Journey’ are written by Kathleen Healy and each number tells its own, special story. When I hit Play, I noticed right away that this singer/songwriter is full of heart and shows it on all of the tracks. Pure, honest music is what comes pouring out of Kathleen Healy on ‘Embracing the Journey’. With 12 original songs penned by Healy, there is something for everyone on this album. The CD starts up with a track titled “Two to Tango” and immediately the listener will pick up on a pleasant vocal tone and melody. Kathleen gives a true-to-heart performance on “Two to Tango” where she states: “You bring the wound, I’ll bring the salt.” Next up on “Enough”, this song offers a strong sentiment that is performed in the most sincerest fashion. “Enough” is emotional to the core showcasing Healy as a true singer/songwriter. Track three, “More”, is all about everlasting love with Kathleen expressing her innermost feelings and not holding back. Continuing along, Kathleen Healy is “Speaking Out” for women everywhere followed by a catchy, upbeat tune where you will “Keep Comin’ Back” for more. Track six, “Vegabond”, is full of bright, uplifting spirit while “Over the Ocean” supplies a wonderful, inviting sound that rushes over you like a wave. “Gifts from my Mother” is a touching tribute to Kathleen’s mom and mothers everywhere, which includes warming words and a comforting smile. Get ready to dive into a brisk, wintry mix on “Old Man Winter” that will chill you from head to toe. Track 10, “Slip Away”, proves that time flies when you’re having fun remembering all of the great times and good memories. “Small Things” gives the listener a powerful yet simple message that you can sing along to. This is a motivational number and with lyrics like: “We can do small things with great love”, one can’t help but fall in love with this song.

You can even enjoy a live performance of “Small Things” right here:

Kathleen fittingly ends on a chipper and cheery note on “House of Love” where the Cape Code artist is reminiscing about some fond moments in her life.

I have to add that I was particularly drawn to the original oil painting on the cover, which was done by Seamus Healy. The boat sitting on the beach with the flowing water in the background is the perfect introduction before you jump into ‘Embracing the Journey’. I’m here to tell you firsthand that the water is just fine, so prepare to take the plunge into Kathleen Healy’s loving and aquatic world. There are also many talented musicians on the record that helped bring Kathleen’s vision to life. ‘Embracing the Journey’ is a tranquil work of art and a real testament to Kathleen Healy. This “Saltwater Songwriter” has proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that she is one strong and genuine lyricist, singer and artist. I’m ‘Embracing the Journey’ now but I’m anxious to find out about Kathleen Healy’s next destination. Where will it lead her…let the Journey continue!


By Jimmy Rae (https://twitter.com/2JRae)