3 Betting Advices to Consider Before Filling your Betslip

Why most people fail in picking football predictions

You probably know that only 5% of all bettors worldwide actually win by their football tips. Unfortunately, the rest 95% are always on the losing side as they fail to maintain consistency, lack discipline, and sufficient knowledge to turn their passion into a profitable financial booster. Perhaps, most of you repeat over and over again the same mistakes (not mandatory all of them at once):

  • You add too many matches in your betslip – you may own some knowledge and skills in betting and football predictions but you may also think that you are too smart and astute in beating the bookies. And that is exactly where your main weakness could be. Allfootballpredictions recommends not betting on too many football events at once. Use your football tips wisely;
  • you expect an instant return of your investment – if you own enough patience, you are almost half the way to get into that 5% of lucky winners. Be prepared to face some losing runs, this is part of the game ultimately. You learn almost nothing from your winning football tips but you can learn a lot from the losses.

Allfootballpredictions golden rules for finding the best football tips

Our team has established a set of 3 useful tips that could be used for enhancing your performance in betting. Here they are:

  • you do not set an initial budget intended only for betting – most of the bettors act chaotically when it comes to managing their betting budget. It is essential to set an amount that will be intended only for your new initiative and does not exceed more than 10% of the whole amount for a single bet; –
  • think twice before choosing the best football predictions for the day – it takes a lot of time and effort to filter out the best matches for a particular day. But that privation surely worths it at the end especially when the final result is a positive one. So, invest more time in finding the best football predictions and then use only the double-checked ones;
  • raise the protection of your bets – you may not know all betting terminology and options but it is essential to get familiar with all of them in order to provide additional protection. For instance, “draw no bet” is a type of betting selection that guarantees you a refund of your stake in case of a draw.

Why not choose a paid soccer prediction site

In general, paid soccer prediction sites do not have a good reputation and positive image among the betting society. Unfortunately, there are thousands of scammers and frauds who use only dubious methods to attract customers and to maintain that negative image.

Allfootballpredictions is aiming to clean it by proving that paid betting tips could be your main financial booster and enterprising tool to build a sustainable betting budget. It is difficult, to say the least, to rely completely on your football predictions. If you have enough funds, then you could consider seriously engaging tipster services. That is an investment that could bring you returns in double.