Designing the Right Music Room for You

If you are a musician or an avid music lover, then you have probably thought about creating a custom music room at some point. Luckily, designing that type of room is easier than most people think, and this simple project can often be completed within a few days.

Choosing the Right Room

One of the most important steps in this process is going to be choosing the right room. The location and size of the room are going to have a huge impact on the sound quality of any music that you are playing or recording. As a general rule, music rooms should be relatively small and have symmetrical walls. You also want to choose a room that is as far away from outside noise pollution as possible.

Basic Gear

While it might be tempting to go out and purchase some high-end equipment right away, that type of gear can be incredibly expensive. For a basic studio, all you are going to need is a laptop, a pair of good speakers, and a high-quality microphone. After you have been using that gear for a while, you can then invest in some nicer equipment, such as a digital audio workstation, depending on your specific style.


You wont ever be able to make your music room completely soundproof, but there are some simple upgrades that you can carry out to minimize noise pollution. At the very least, you should invest in some acoustic paneling for the walls and the ceiling. Those panels are going to minimize the noise that escapes the room or enters the room. It will also help prevent unnecessary echoes. Visiting a cut to size service will allow you to better match your panels to your music room’s size. This way, you won’t have to worry about leaving too much wall empty and prone to odd echoes.

You might also benefit from putting acoustic film on any windows that are in the room to reduce vibrations and improve the quality of your recordings.

Experiment with Different Layouts

Even if your music room seems to be symmetrical, you will probably still need to experiment with the layout. Chairs, desks, and other objects that are in the room are going to impact how the sounds bounce off the walls, and you might need to move them around before you find the perfect layout. The items on the walls are going to affect your sound quality as well, and items like paintings and pictures will most likely need to be moved around until you have the perfect design.

While this project probably wont have a huge impact on the value of your home, you might want to revisit your insurance policy once your music room is completed. All of that equipment can be a major investment, and a solid insurance policy will help you cover repairs or replacement parts if your gear is damaged or stolen.