New Music Video By Keldamuzik “Magic”

Bay area artist Keldamuzik prides herself on performing like no one else is watching, but trust us: by now, folks are watching. Even sitting atop her stack of industry accomplishments, she’s got the same honesty and passion she had on day one. Not only is she four albums into her hip-hop, pop, and R&B career, she’s branched out into TV production and hosting, acting, and film production. She also runs a very in-demand entertainment company, screening her first film, Love The Original Way, at the Black Hollywood Film Festival. That’s a full plate, right? Not even close for Keldamuzik. She recently toured Japan with R&B singer Lloyd, then headed down to the Caribbean to perform at one of the biggest stadiums in Antigua with Reggae singer Jah Cure. Keldamuzik’s got international radio hits and track licensing deals with Sony Pictures. All in a day’s – and a Diva’s – work. She’s giving her idols like TLC, Rihanna, Madonna, and Eminem a run for their money, in both talent and tenacity.

Building off the success of international hits like “Queen For a Night,” and “Thirsty,” Keldamuzik and collaborator Mrs. Thesis have penned a track in honor of a love that runs deeper than sex, stronger than the pull of wandering eyes and entrapping apps. True, this bouncy, modern R&B jam throws a 2020 lyrical spin on romance, with other dudes getting “swiped to the left.” But “Magic” is about timeless love, giving up your whole self to the right one, that lover who casts a spell, making your insecurities vanish, and the real you appear. “Magic” is the title track to her new album, released on her own Digz Media Group, and produced by LA’s Robot Millenium. He gives it an undeniably West Coast groove, all shimmering synths, and a playful body-mover of a beat. With its extended outro and Keldamuzik’s subtle ad-libs, it’s one of those songs you wish would never end, like that perfect evening with that perfect someone.

At five years old, Kelda Williams realized that the entertainment biz was her calling. A few seconds of her onscreen presence might make you wonder how she didn’t figure that out even earlier in life. She cuts a sexy, commanding figure against nothing but a white backdrop, flanked by her dancers. Kelda’s calm fierceness casts its own very real spell, while her lover conjures a glowing orb, she blow-kisses iridescent hearts and tiny explosions that hang in mid-air, and the two cuddle in low-light surrounded by stardust. Noel John Bell, aka Nobe of Inf Gang, directed, and Keldamuzik kept the entire production in the 510 family with Inf Gang, a collective of SF Bay Area rappers, engineers, and video producers handling all aspects, front to back. If Keldamuzik continues making this kind of magic, she’s set to move onto more countries, climb more charts and welcome even more fans, so consider this your heads up.