Video: wifisfuneral – “All Bones”

wifisfuneral specializes in rap for dark nights of the soul, crafting songs that unflinchingly confront his inner demons. Working through his trauma with deep introspection, wifi shares “All Bones,” his new music video. Produced by wifi’s frequent collaborator GRiMM Doza, “All Bones” is a single-verse rumination on addiction, grief, and loneliness, as wifi struggles to overcome his negative urges: “My thoughts insane and too violent/And they said I can’t hate myself/But I still fuckin’ hate myself and I ain’t fuckin’ lyin’/Hold up, I’m slowly dyin’, ain’t no need for no cryin’.” Filmed in stark black-and-white, the video finds wifi retreating to desolate park, with only brick columns for company, the camera capturing his every shadow. “All Bones” is the introductory track from EV3RYTHING SUCKS, wifi’s December 2019 EP.