New Video By Habitz “Cadillac Dippin”

Are you familiar with dynamic rap duo HABITZ? You might not know them now, but you will soon – because it won’t be long till HABITZ are known as some of the biggest and greatest.

HABITZ is the brand-new collaboration between KNITWIT and Trazel. The two connected back in 2015 when Trazel was the first recording artist that KNITWIT signed to his label, ThugFace Records. “We’ve always been good friends and our talents and sound mesh together like butter whenever we collaborate,” KNITWIT says. “So it was easy for us to come together and form the group HABITZ.” Together, they blend Trazel’s smooth, sultry vibe with KNITWIT’s fast, in-your-face sound that’s like a west coast version of Outkast. Their goal? To bring back the timeless, old-school sound of early 90s R&B and hip-hop to the modern masses.

The first official single from HABITZ is “Cadillac Dippin,” a strong that will bring you straight back to the sound of 90s hip-hop. KNITWIT explains that “It is totally about taking a ride with that special lady, enjoying each others’ company in style and being that 2020 Bonny & Clyde. Rollin with the diamond in the back, sunroof top diggin in the scene with my gangsta lean.” Directed by Gary Ruff, the “Cadillac Dippin” video opens with KNITWIT and Trazel rolling up in an Escalade. They pop champagne poolside, but the real luxury tonight is the lady whose touch drives them crazy.