CREAM With a K Releases Debut Self-Titled Album

Capturing her 90’s influences perfectly with a heady dose of power pop reminiscent of The Pixies and Beck, Tatlock is in a league of her own on her fantastic debut full-length.

“The writing of this album started at the end of my J-POP career when I was living in LA and then when I moved to London”, says Tatlock. “I basically recorded this record on my laptop over 3 continents so it was kind of like a paper mache until I got in the studio with Alex O’Donovan (OCTAGON) and finalized the mix into something more sophisticated. Sharing this album with everyone, makes me feel a bit shy as if I sharing like a diary of my past self… but at the same time I’m really proud how far I’ve come – with a lot of thanks to all the fans and everyone who’s helped and got involved!”