5 Motivational Speakers You Should Be Following On Instagram

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new decade. You’re most likely looking for a fresh start, clear mind, and a renewed sense of being. What better way to get your year started than to have people in your corner who want you to succeed?

From life coaches to bestselling authors, these motivational speakers are here to help you be the very best versions of yourselves. Let’s meet them:

1. Keishorne Scott (@keishornescott): Keishorne is an author, speaker, and relationship coach who provides invaluable advice on emotional healing and moving forward in life with your head held high. Through cultivating the power of healing and love, Keishorne provides encouraging videos designed to help you learn the power of self-love.

2. Amberly Lago (@amberlylagomotivation): Amberly is an author and podcast host who has turned her pain into purpose. Lago provides online users the tools for personal growth as she shares her advice and uplifting words. Through grit and grace, her inspiring posts will have you changing your life for the better.

3. Michael H. Forde (@michaelhforde): Michael is a public health professional, author, and motivational speaker who motivates others to keep moving forward on their journey to success. Through engaging videos and photos, the depth of his Instagram captions highlight a new meaning of what it means to be resilient, focused, and determined.

4. Maria Ahlin (@ahlinmaria): Maria is an author and speaker known for her fascinating publications and talks on addiction and how to overcome mental barriers. Her online presence resonates deeply within the community of those who seek guidance in navigating both mental and physical growth.

5. Andre Walker (@motivationaldre): Andre is an entrepreneur and brand consultant who helps turns your process into a product. Providing tips on financial and mental growth, Walker inspires you to turn your passion into product, one day at a time.