Bongo Boy Records Releases ‘Backroom Blues Vol. 8 by Various Artists’

Charles Daza and The Revenants virtually blow out their amps on the insane guitar athletics of “Old Camaro”. Done with a classic cool, the gnarled guitar riffs work wonders. Vocals have an unhinged quality as the rhythm rushes through.

A swinging sound ties together the Jersey Swamp Cats’ playful “Dance All Night”. Instrumentally vibrant the loose approach has an informal, joyous spirit. Lyrics reflect upon a carefree world.

Grit and soul define the potent force of Big Jim Davis’s “Honey Tell Yo Mama”. A fried southern charm runs through the piece. Demanding to be blasted at the highest possible volume it all works absolute wonders.

“I Just Can’t Keep from Cryin’ Sometimes” shows off the intimacy of Ann M. Wolf’s storytelling. By going for a stripped-down approach, the song has a tragic quality to it. Guitar work has a nimble, tactile quality to it.

Late-night vibes roll through the dreamy “Storm is Coming” by Charles Daza & The Revenants. A woozy mix of instruments work in unison to create a mellowed-out groove. The dazed atmospherics add to the weirdness and wonderful quality of the piece.

Big Jim Davis sings with a force of nature on “Can’t Play the Blues”. Harmonica work does not let up as it screams up to the heavens. A giant cinematic scope comes into view over the course of the piece.

Gypsy Carns go for a mantra-like loop on “Break You Down”. Working itself into a full frenzy the track simply consumes the listener whole. The song thrashes about as it becomes increasingly more and more unstable.

Big Bone Daddy opts for a sly sense of humor on the playful “Don’t You Lie to Me”. The ramshackle drums give the piece a wild, free-spirited atmosphere. Horns only add to the delightful, giddy feeling.

A classic take emerges on Jersey Swamp Cats’ joyous “Cupcake!”. Tenderness reigns supreme for the track is full of love. By keeping things to the essentials, the song’s groove glides through without a care.

Revis Johnson lets loose on the yearning “She’s My Girl & I Love Her”. Lyrics have a profound sweetness to them. Layer upon layer comes into the mix ever so lightly as the love builds up.

Tension runs through Charles Daza & The Revenants “Troubled”. Within this piece they let the anxiety grow without offering respite. Such a feeling lends the work a certain poignancy even as the guitars create a maelstrom of fuzzed-out sound.

Big Jim Davis embraces a psychedelic noise on the gigantic “Sinking’ in The Water, Comin’ Up For Air”. Truly spaced-out, the track twists and turns in unexpected ways. Full of such energy the track refuses to ever let up.

Charles Brown goes for sheer intensity on the non-stop aural assault “Straight No Chaser”. Incredible guitar work weaves the entirety of the tapestry. The careening organ work further lends the track a never-ending presence.

Such a dreamy-eyed splendor takes hold with Charles Daza & The Revenants beautiful “Show Me The River”. Reflective to its core the whole of the piece has a loveliness to it. From the neon glow of the organ to the slow pace of the drums it all has a majestic presence to it.

The sly groove of “Jump, Jive and Wall” shows off Jersey Swamp Cats proving to be masters of their craft. Virtually bouncing off the walls the jaunty tempo invites the listener into a gorgeous stream of sound. Infinitely catchy their burst of energy is outright infectious.

Susan SurfTone dives into a contemplative spirit on the low-key “What A Shame”. With a neat little shuffle, the song sways by ever so gingerly. Guitar work features a unique nimbleness.

1. Charles Daza and The Revenants – Old Camaro 5:29
2. Jersey Swamp Cats – Dance All Night 2:29
3. Big Jim Davis – Honey Tell Yo Mama 3:53
4. Ann M. Wolf – I Just Can’t Keep from Cryin’ Sometimes 3:43
5. Charles Daza & The Revenants – Storm is Coming 5:27
6. Big Jim Davis – Can’t Play the Blues 3:30
7. Gypsy Carns – Break You Down 3:26
8. Big Bone Daddy – Don’t You Lie to Me 2:13
9. Jersey Swamp Cats – Cupcake! 3:31
10. Revis Johnson – She’s My Girl & I Love Her 3:17
11. Charles Daza & The Revenants – Troubled 4:56
12. Big Jim Davis – Sinkin’ in The Water, Comin’ Up For Air 4:17
13. Charles Brown – Straight No Chaser 2:53
14. Charles Daza & The Revenants – Show Me The River 5:25
15. Jersey Swamp Cats – Jump, Jive and Wall 3:28
16. Susan SurfTone – What A Shame 2:35