Smoking: When It’s Time to Expand Your Puffing Frontiers

Statistics suggest that most people who smoke are consumers of cigarettes. Certainly, from the ease of access and fashion perspective cigarettes are the most accessible. But they are far from the only option for people who enjoy smoking. Not surprisingly it is becoming increasingly popular amongst smokers to start to spread their wings a little and sample other means of getting their fix of tobacco and nicotine. So, if you are a smoker and you want to broaden your horizons, even just a little bit, here are a few options that you might want to explore.

Water-cooled wonder
If you have ever sampled a hubbly bubbly or hookah pipe you will know how easy it is on the lungs. The water that the smoke bubbles through purifies the smoke and cools it, leaving the user to enjoy a smoother and cooler inhalation. The hookah is traditionally a very social experience but something that is becoming increasingly popular is the sweet puff pipe Australia is reportedly the largest market for these items in the world. Like a bong for one, the pipe allows the users to filter smoke through water. It is very enjoyable and proving increasingly popular.

Moving with the times
Electronic cigarettes or vapes are all the rage. They were first patented around sixty years ago, but they have only just started to come into their own. Now growing rapidly in terms of usage, the vape uses a battery to heat a coil which in turn causes ‘vape juice’ to evaporate. The smoker then consumes the vapour which typically comes in a wide range of tastes and flavours.

Travel back in time
There is something quite classic and timeless about a pipe. It is not something that is very commonly seen these days, but, if you fancy taking a trip back in time to the era of Sherlock Holmes, then a pipe is a great thing to sample. According to those who still smoke pipes there is something very therapeutic, or ritualistic even, about the act of cleaning and packing the bowl of the pipe. Pipes can naturally be packed with a range of different tobaccos, so the taste and flavour can vary. Unlike vapes though, the options are fairly limited.

Live like a boss
When it comes to smoking the one item that conjures up images of power and living large is the cigar. Mafia dons smoke them. Winston Churchill loved them. They are traditionally brought out and shared by male-folk on the arrival of a child. They send a message of wealth and power and, while they can have quite a pungent odour, those who enjoy them, say the taste and the experience are second to none. The key with cigars is to immerse yourself in the whole experience. Spend some time at a cigar bar, find out about the different flavours and origins of the different cigars and then learn to smoke them properly. Unlike cigarettes where it is all about the inhale, with cigars it is more about the taste of the smoke – it is something a little different.