Curds And Whey Present ‘The Honkytonk Disaster’

Curds and Whey is a high-energy rock band doused in two-stepping country hot sauce. Founding members, ScottRocker (Scott Holman) and Greg Kisser , strive to deliver a wild rock/country ride for audiences. “We hope it’s a unique country sound,” ScottRocker says. “It took us a while to establish it, but ‘The Honkytonk Disaster ‘ was one of the first songs we wrote together. Coming from a rural Canadian town, Hanna, it’s kinda my natural twang”.

Yes, you may have heard of Hanna. The small Alberta town is also home to Nickelback – the legendary rock band, ScottRocker actually helped form back in the day. “The guys are sweet enough to still have me sit in and sing for them and I appreciate all the help and advice from them throughout the years” says Rocker who went on tour with Nickelback in Germany.

“We’re on a radio promotional tour with our main stop in Hanna, in support of ‘The Honkytonk Disaster’,” Kisser says. “We’re stoked to be bringing the band home to Scott’s country roots.”

Expect big things from Curds and Whey. In addition to Kisser and Rocker, the band also features some of Canada’s most talented musicians. They ain’t trying to set trends, but they just might. Just ask Nickelback’s front man. “Scott taught me everything I know about fronting a rock and roll band,” says Kroeger.