E-40 Drops an Energetic Video for “Niner Gang” – the New San Francisco 49ers Anthem

Fiercely loyal and loudly supportive, E-40 is the world’s most famous Bay Area sports fan. Paying tribute to his city’s revitalized NFL franchise, 40 dropped “Niner Gang,” a new anthem for the San Francisco 49ers and their fans. Produced by 40’s son Droop-E, “Niner Gang” is a rousing mob slapper that salutes Niners’ legends like Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott and provides a stadium-ready chant for the Niners’ faithful: “”Bang Bang, Niner Gang!” The new video focuses on the team’s most devoted fans, shining a spotlight on individual supporters and making room for cameos from Bay Area native and NBA great Gary Payton and 49ers mascot Sourdough Sam. Leave it to E-40 to echo the feelings of fans across the Bay with a track that sounds as good out of car stereos as stadium speakers, and fans are quickly adopting the song as a true Niners’ anthem.

“I’ve been a fan of the 49ers since I was a kid playing Pop Warner football,” says E-40. “It’s an honor and a pleasure to create the official anthem for my home team and as they already know, we have the best fans in the country. Bang Bang Niner Gang!”

“Partnering with local artists is priority for our team,” says 49ers Chief Marketing Officer Alex Chang. “We appreciate our longstanding relationship with E-40 and are excited about the new ‘Niner Gang’ video. It’s a nod to our incredible fanbase and our team’s rich history.”