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Romanian pop star-in-waiting HELEN releases EP ‘Rare’

Brussels based artist Helen, today has released her upcoming EP ‘Rare’, featuring this year’s earlier singles ‘Bloodfire’ and ‘Rare’.

Described by COMPLEX as ‘stunningly elegant’, Helen is known for her soaring, warm vocals and earworm choruses, and ‘Rare’ is no exception – featuring five sultry tracks about love, lust and relationships.

New single from Marco DeLiso Entitled ‘And We Fall’

Marco DeLiso is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer who uses his music as a tool for expressing a common language. Stylistically, DeLiso’s music is groovy, flush with vocal harmony and presented with levity, bringing people together where they can be themselves and laugh at his silly presentation.


Today, Capitol Music Group (CMG) announced a partnership with Lyft, making Lyft the label group’s official rideshare partner. Together, the two companies will offer music fans, Lyft riders and drivers exclusive experiences with top artists. The official partnership follows an extensive history of collaborations with CMG artists, label events and activations.

Brian Nolan, Senior Vice President of 1750 Agency, Capitol Records’ in-house brand partnerships and sync licensing team, said, “We are extremely proud of the relationship we have developed with Lyft. They have a very clear vision when it comes to their music strategy and share many of CMG’s core values. We look forward to continuing to develop successful campaigns together.”

Capitol Music Group announces partnership with Lyft

The Brilliance Drop “Facebook” Video

“the grit and grime of the world, soaks in through the beautifully laid out instruments of ‘Facebook’, with equal part civility and contempt for lying still. In a harrowing life, the song is inspired by the current world in its technology and knowledge. And within that context of tandem ignorance, our brittle emotions suffocate with, pre-determined servitude and loyalty to the shortness of time and space.” (Come Here Floyd)

PREMIERE: The Brilliance Shares ‘Facebook’. “Ambitions for adding to a better and peaceful place.”

Skope Mag // Wolf Culture – “Spite” (New Single + Video)

Wolf Culture was born out of the seaside town of Bournemouth, England, and after the band performed and recorded a series of demos and covers of popular artists under different aliases, in 2016, the band launched themselves into the scene under the moniker ‘Wolf Culture.” In 2018, the band released their debut EP, and rapidly gained a huge momentum within the British alternative music scene after being featured on AP, Punktastic, Rock Sound, Kerrang, and more. Over the past three years, the band has shared the stage with notable names such as Boston Manor, ROAM, WSTR, Tonight Alive, Jamie Lenman, Hawthorne Heights, Trophy Eyes, Like Pacific and The Dangerous Summer.

PREMIERE: Wolf Culture is thunderously exciting with “Spite”

San Francisco indie pop duo New Spell – ‘Home’

Today, the San Francisco-based indie-pop duo announces installment three of its Of Time EP series with single and music video, Home. This particular release is an important entry in New Spell’s catalog as its mesmerizing synth-based aesthetic points the way to the future of the group who now operate officially as a two-piece plus a producer.

Canadian Thrash Quartet HAZZERD Premiere Video For ‘Victim Of A Desperate Mind’

Says drummer Dylan Westendorp, “‘Victim Of A Desperate Mind’ is one of the longer cuts on ‘Delirium,’ and it has some of the album’s darker lyrical content. The song revolves around the topics of addiction, depression and suicide, issues that are unfortunately very real in today’s society. The lyrics are written from the perspective of a person who is trapped in their own mind and stuck with their dark thoughts. Even though these are not the most positive lyrics, we have hope that someone who is going through this type of situation will hear them, relate and realize that they are not alone. Musically, ‘Victim’ is one of the more complex songs we have written to date. Overall, we feel it’s the best song to unveil as the second taste of our upcoming record.”

Fanclub Release New Single ‘Trespassing’

Austin, TX based indie-pop trio Fanclub are back with their latest single release ‘Trespassing’, released independently on December 6th. Join them as they search for the nostalgia of 80s synths and 90s guitars in their songs of modern love and heartbreak.

Fanclub formed in 2018 and is comprised of Mike Lee, Leslie Crunkilton, and Daniel Schmidt. The band craft songs driven by their love of all things twee, electro and dreamy. Following on from their successful SXSW showcase this year and with their debut EP ‘All The Same’ already reaching over a million streams, they are hard at work with a slew of tour dates under their belt and many more to come. – Photo by Jesús A. Acosta

RUNESCARRED “Mammoth” Official Lyric Video

“’Mammoth’ is a crushing Beast of a song that tears through the walls we as individuals build before ourselves. Where this album, like many others, indulges in angry sentiment, ‘Mammoth’ closes everything out on a high note. The idea that if we shed all the parameters socially forced upon us and stay true to ourselves we can crush anything that obfuscates our true path. ~ Ven