Video: Yungeen Ace – “Blame It On The Streets”

Overcoming immense struggle with a combination of talent and will power, Yungeen Ace is determined to help kids like him escape their rough situations. Taking a deep look at the struggle of those suffering through the criminal justice system, the Cinematic Music Group signee shares “Blame It On The Streets,” his new video. A highlight from his recent Step Harder project, “Blame It On The Streets” is a heartfelt and pained rumination about the damage Ace suffered due to the circumstances of his birth and his indoctrination into the kill-or-be-killed culture of the streets: “I was taught to commit homicides/I was taught to commit robberies/My brother died right next to me/The bullets was meant for me.”

In the video, Ace assumes the perspective of convicts and their family, convincingly conveying the wide range of emotions felt in the arduous justice process. Part one of a diptych with the forthcoming video for “Trials & Tribulations,” “Blame It On The Streets” is merely the first chapter of Ace’s redemption story, offering hope to the many fans who see a reflection of themselves in the Jacksonville native’s story.