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“Jason and I toured together years ago and I got to know his kind spirit. He really embodies what the season is all about,” shared Michaelson. “We were both on the road and had to record our parts separately but when we finally got in the same room for the photo shoot, that incredible spirit was shining all around him! The only regret I have about this song is that we didn’t collaborate sooner.”

Songstress Caress Sings of Betrayal In Her New Song “Love”

Founded by Tara Jane from the Shoegaze/Post-Punk band Blood Candy, Caress is Jane’s new solo project. Her debut single Love is deeply personal for Jane. She explains the inspiration behind the the song..

Love is inspired by personal experiences with emotional vulnerability and fragility. The song lyrics are a reflection on the complications of betrayal. Musically I’ve always been really inspired by avant garde and 1980s dark wave, combining both of these styles with the combination of tragic lyrics and multiple synth layers I felt expressed the complications of betrayal elegantly but with lingering pain

Watch Colin Wylie’s new video for “Something Else”

“‘Something Else’ – lyrically, a reaction to social media / phone culture. Inauthentic, schizotypal social media posturing. Lack of privacy, what were previously priceless memories reserved for photo albums shared with family and real friends are now disposable commodity for clicks. Volunteering all our intimate details for ‘likes’. With so many ways to ‘communicate’, we are more alienated from each other and our true selves than ever before. Truly speaks to the ‘mental illness’ pandemic.” – Colin Wylie

ARKONA: Decibel Magazine Premieres Title Track To New Album By Polish Black Metal Outfit

ARKONA is where the lightless spirits of second and third wave black metal assume modern form in an all too relatable maelstrom of degradation and disquiet, alienation and anger, hypnosis and horror. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Impressive Art Studio, Age Of Capricorn is blessed with a crisp production that foregrounds a jackhammer relentlessness of near-industrial proportions, leaving the listener gasping for air as they are bludgeoned into inverted cathedrals of sound. The album is completed with cover art and layout by Church Of Chaos Multimedia.

Track Premiere: Arkona – ‘Age of Capricorn’


12/5 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall*
12/6 – Chicago, IL – Chop Shop*
12/7 – Washington, D.C. – U Street Music Hall*
12/12 – Brooklyn, NY – Great Hall at Avant Gardner*
12/13 – Denver, CO – Globe Hall*
12/14 – Austin, TX – Parish*
12/16 – Portland, OR – Holocene*
12/19 – Seattle, WA – Neumos*
12/20 – San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine*
12/21 – Los Angeles, CA – Catch One*
*Supporting Tourist and Matthew Dear

Stitched Up Heart Release Two New Tracks “Dead Roses” and “This Skin”

“Alternative Press is one of our favorite publications and we’re so excited they wanted to premiere BOTH of our new songs! ‘This Skin’ is about feeling like an outcast in the world. Like you don’t belong. When you try to hide who you really are underneath your skin.

Stitched Up Heart dive deeper into ‘Darkness’ with two new tracks—listen

Listen to Theresa Wayman of Warpaint & Carla Azar of Autolux on new St. Francis Hotel single

“The Truth Is Dead” follows the duo’s critically acclaimed single “Liar, Liar, Liar (feat. Gaz Coombes)” and is the latest to be taken from their upcoming debut album We Fall Together (Jan 2020), which includes collaborations with Portugal. The Man, Max Rad, and Waterstrider, with more names to be announced. As producers, St Francis Hotel recent production / collaborations include Michael Kiwanuka, Arcade Fire’s Regine Chassagne, and Art School Girlfriend.

John Dennis Announces New Album “Mortal Flames” – Out January 31st via Rainfeather Records

Freeburg, IL, native John Dennis has lived a long life in his mere 27 years, but he’s certainly never hidden his story away. From the death of his girlfriend Adrienne in 2010 to his subsequent and near-fatal battle with alcoholism to his journey through recovery, Dennis has efficiently and poetically crafted his story, beliefs, and feelings into song and things are no different with his newest release Mortal Flames. Following the elemental title theme of his first two albums—Eternity’s Tree (2014) and Second Wind (2017)—Mortal Flames finds Dennis asking en lieu of telling; How does one process and heal wounds of the past or how does man find meaning in life in the face of mortality? Set for release on January 31st, 2020, Mortal Flames is a concept album of sorts, chronologically following the timeline of human life from birth to death—including adolescence, first love, loss, and new beginnings—never missing a step along the way.

Wrangler Share New Track “Anthropocene” || Announce New Album ‘A Situation’ Due Out 2/28 On Bella Union

Of the track Wrangler say: “We have left our mark on the world on which we walk. This is a soundtrack for the urban age. Sounds to lift us above the detritus which envelops and strangles us.” Of the video director Akiko Haruna adds: “The effect humans have on the planet is something that I am conscious of daily. Anthropocene shows our world, compressed onto the Wrangler logo. Over it looms three ugly heads, representing the human ego and how we might view ourselves as deities or Gods; the overseers of our world. Within the Wrangler world, we show a range of things happening in our current world such as sweat shops, deforestation, farming, fracking, sustainable energy, transport, etc. It was an immense privilege to work with 3D animator Ben Chan, who helped this world come to life. The situation is a serious one and I am very afraid, so to keep things bearable I like to force a slice of humour in everything. The space ship at the end is a little light relief from the situation; Escape. Realistically, I am much more for saving what we have and would rather not ditch our beautiful planet, but there’s nothing like a little space expedition to keep the options open.”

Listen to Emily Yacina’s catchy single “Arcades & Highways”

Remember the Silver is the debut studio album by New York by-way-of Pennsylvania musician Emily Yacina. Written over the span of two years and recorded / co-produced with Eric Littmann (Julie Byrne, GABI, Yohuna) ‘Remember the Silver’ represents a fundamental shift in Yacina’s approach and method to bringing her songs into the world.

For Skope: Cityzen’s brand new UK-garage/tech-house “Misomaniac” out now on CYB3RPVNK

Continuing a hot streak of club-ready releases in recent months, Cityzen returns with a tech house-influenced bomb that will be the tune of your weekend. “Misomaniac” is ready to rave, buoyed on bouncy basslines and distinctive, driving percussion that gives the track its relentless energy. Cityzen adds some funky melodies and vocal riffs to top it off, turning “Misomaniac” into a dancefloor-friendly tune that will carry you from Friday night into Sunday morning. The new release follows Cityzen’s hard-hitting remix of Salvatore Ganacci’s “Horse” on OWSLA and his previous single “Planet Rock” on CYB3RPVNK.


The single is featured on Uproxx ‘Penned By PJ’ series – which gives fans a diary-entry type look into the making of PJ’s songs. “Honest” follows latest Soundcloud exclusive single “Run For Your Money,” which received an exclusive premiere on okayplayer and ran alongside an in-depth profile piece. The track was also featured on Uproxx’s ‘Penned By PJ,’ where she broke down her experience in creating “Run For Your Money.”

PJ Gets ‘Honest’ About Love With Her Latest Diary Entry

London-based, Dark Indie Rock Group, OFFICER, Announce New Live Session Video

“Tilt the Clox” is OFFICER, aka Dc Logan, twisting and unveiling into a full flow, lyrically genius, beat brooding, soaring anthemic and melodic self. It is a politically laden song borne out of Logan’s many years experience directing frontline services to London’s most excluded and vulnerable people.

Samira Winter is LA’s Best Kept Secret

The power of a Winter song is hard to describe, like how the delicate world building of a good book can be more compelling than real life. There’s a make-believe, fairy tale surrealism that sets Winter’s blend of shoegaze and psychedelia apart while existing in the same universe as the ethereal dream pop of Cocteau Twins and Melody’s Echo Chamber.

The Pitch Invaders debut cheeky new pop-rock single “Mr. Bond”

The Pitch Invaders is the new sonic vision from multi-instrumentalist and producer Ryan Magnusson. On Mr. Bond he details, “This song was a blast (pun intended) to write and record. It started as a general rebuke of people that carry themselves too seriously and was only going to briefly reference James Bond. But there was just too much material there for him to only get a brief mention.” “You grow up idolizing someone like James Bond and then you go back and watch some of these movies as an adult and you’re like, wow, he’s kind of a douchebag isn’t he? Why didn’t anyone tell me that?”

Arbor Labor Union announces new record on Arrowhawk Feb. 7!

While the members of Atlanta’s Arbor Labor Union are involved in and influenced by the scene and ideology of DIY punk and hardcore, they are indebted to Cosmic Americana Music, Whitman-esque optimism and appreciation toward nature, and the working-class sympathies of Woody Guthrie. In their words, “CCR meets The Minute Men.”

ARMNHMR Enlist Micah Martin For “The Universe Is Yours”

Propelled by Micah Martin’s powerful vocals, ARMNHMR stretch their #HammerSound even further with the striking future bass-meets-alternative crossover single “The Universe Is Yours,” premiered by Alternative Press.

ARMNHMR show the “Universe Is Yours” with Micah Martin (the Zealots)