Hoodrich Pablo Juan Shares “Water Boi”

A real boss never raises his voice, and Hoodrich Pablo Juan is no exception, delivering his outlandish flexes like they’re nothing special. Running through his riches in his entrancing flow, Pablo shares “Water Boi,” his latest video. Dripping all over a lurching, minimalist beat from Maaly Raw, Pablo methodically runs down all the qualities that make him indestructible: “Smokin’ Barney, drinkin’ cream soda/Double down with the Glock, ain’t got no holster (Double down)/Brand new big truck, get your ass ran over (Big truck)/Geeked up on drugs, I ain’t never sober.” In the video, intercut with scenes from the 1998 Adam Sandler film The Waterboy, Pablo delivers scenes from his life of luxury, as the 1017 Eskimo signee dances on a beachview hotel balcony, blows a bag at a high-end shopping mall, and takes a dip in the peaceful waves. “Water Boi” is the latest video from Pablo’s recent DMV project, following the menacing clip for “Pirate,” the drippy clip for “Minute Maid” and the revealing video for “DMV Intro.”

“A smooth-talking rapper with a nonchalant charm.” – Pitchfork