The Southeast Asian artist ((( O ))) today releases the video for latest single ‘Je Suis Infini’ – watch now.

The clip shows enigmatic artist showcasing the track in her native country, performing by the sun and exploring that landscape that has shaped the project and her as an individual. On the track and video ((( O ))) says;

“The lyrics and melody came to me while I was getting drenched in rain driving my shitty motorbike. And I recorded the guitar part when I got home to my also pretty shitty treehouse studio. I was high from the rawness of living that kind of life off-grid. My friend flew from Amsterdam to film this video with me. We did this on all solar power – this was a necessity for me. I wanted every element of the process to be as pure as the track itself. I wanted to portray the raw honesty of nature and where my creativity stems from”