10 Holiday Gifts for Off-Road Enthusiasts

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for everyone in your circle. If that group includes someone who likes to take their pickup truck or Jeep off the beaten path, you’ll want to find a present that makes off-road rides a joy to tackle.

Put “head to a truck accessories store near me” on your to-do list, then make the off-road truck driver in your life happy this holiday season with these 10 gift ideas for anyone on your list who likes to kick up a little dust.

Lift Kit: Keep your special someone driving on rough roads for years to come with one of many available high-quality truck lift kits. A 4×4 suspension kit selected with input from a trusted truck accessories store will allow drivers to tackle rocky roads. If you are looking to add air ride to your car or truck and are looking for the best air suspension then check out the guide on Roadcartel.

Off-Road Jack: Big wheels on an off-road vehicle require a big jack. Stop by your favorite “truck accessories store near me” and find a model that can handle any type of road condition and fits oversize tires.

New Wheels: Taking a truck or Jeep off-road takes a toll on wheels and tires. If your gift recipient has been pushing their vehicle through difficult terrain for a while, it might be time to consider wheel tire packages to keep the vehicle in good shape and keep the driver pushing the limits.

Fog Lights: Light up the night and add driving hours to the day with a set of fog lights that can last through tough weather conditions.

Compact Air System: The right level of tire pressure varies depending on what type of landscape you’re off-road driving in. Sand and rocks are best navigated with a little less air in the tires. A compact air system offers an easy, on-board way to pump tires back up for driving on smoother surfaces.

Compact Shovel: Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere is no fun. A folding shovel stowed away under a seat can help a driver dig out of tough situations and get moving.

Two-Way Radio: Stay in close contact with off-road friends with a two-way radio that’s resistant to water and dust. Good kits have a range of more than 10 miles.

First Aid Kit: A well-stocked medical kit is vital for heading outside the range of cell communication and civilization. Show you gift recipient you care with an ample selection of medical supplies.

Recovery Kit: Getting stuck in a ditch or an extra-muddy patch is a risk of back-country driving. Make sure your gift recipient is prepared with a recovery kit that pairs with a winch and includes straps, shackles and a jack.

Traction Mat: If you’re stuck in ice or gunk without a winch on your vehicle, having something that your tires to grab a hold of is essential. Look for grip-heavy ramps that go stow in the truck bed.

To find the perfect gift for the off-road enthusiast in your life, type “truck accessories store near me” into your GPS and head to a reputable vendor.