Since she was a young girl, Lizzie was always attracted to music and all its elements. At first she taught herself how to play the guitar, which to this day, still uses in her own projects. Yet, singing and songwriting was her main focus as she began to write her own lyrics, making her a three dimensional artist.

Like so many other artists, her music is dual based, English and Spanish. This has enabled her to be accepted at all types of venues. Hence, she made her first mark in the music industry with her cover of “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan and her original Spanish song and music video “Tanto de Nada”, which aired on a Spanish Music Network HTV and helped, get her name out there. This would begin to open new doors for her, as more people took notice of her talent.

She would be featured on such programs like CNN, Telemundo, NY1 News, Spanish Newspaper “El Especialito” and more. Lizzie would follow up her cover of Bob Dylan and her Spanish track with “Deep Inside Of Me”, which would receive attention on various stations as WBON-98.5 FM/La Fiesta, WCWP-88.1 FM and Old Westbury Web Radio.

Lizzie did not disappoint when she released the sexy trap song “Ouh Baby”, which oozes with the sensuality of Lizzie and her ability to balance so many genres and make them all sound natural. So far, she has graced many stages across New York and New Jersey, from Arlene’s Grocery to The Bitter End, Lizzie has invaded the music scene with much fervor.

“I enjoy everywhere I play. Any opportunity to perform in front of a new audience is a blessing.”

Lizzie is one who embraces nature and the city of New York; she has used video footage of it in her videos. For “Deep Inside Of Me” it was filmed among famous New York City Sunsets and tourist destinations like the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center, Battery Place overlooking the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Gay Street in the West Village, etc. This is also true for her new track “Four Seasons”

“Four Seasons” is a Contemporary Pop Ballad whereas the last release was electronic trap. This is where she has proven to be an eclectic artist who does not shy away from experimenting with various styles of music.

Her latest Music Video “Four Seasons” was filmed in Central Park, Each part of the song in the video takes place during a different season that makes it a unique way of presenting the track. She filmed it in some of the most breath-taking sites of Central Park NY, Such as Belvedere Castle, which houses Central Park Weather Station, Bow Bridge, The Pond, The Turtle Pond, The Ramble, Gapstow Bridge, The Boat House, Conservatory Garden, Shakespeare Garden, Etc.

She also mentions that while the song “Four Seasons” sounds like a wedding song, she didn’t write it for any person in particular, and that she was inspired by the beauty of God’s Creation & Nature.

The single is due to drop at the beginning of 2020 on all music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and all the streaming services available online.

“I am planning to put together an EP or album soon. But for now I want people to enjoy “Ouh Baby” and the new single “Four Seasons” which can appeal to any type of audience.”

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