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Hip Hop Artist YAVID (King 810) Releases New EP Paper Fortune Teller

Hip Hop Artist YAVID (David Gunn, lead vocals of King 810) released his solo EP titled Paper Fortune Teller independently on October 30, 2019. The EP was produced by HELLUVA, Earthworm and Josh Schroeder. The video for the first single “Hemingway” is already at over 40,000 views. The video can be seen here (video has graphic content):

Ferrari Garden – ‘Bridge’

“Art school is a strange world – one which I never felt I quite fit into – and I was beginning to question my place there and as an artist. Writing this song allowed for respite from the world around me, and showed me a brand new world I could build inside myself. That kind of power is both liberating and intimidating.”

Canadian trio Hunting – Entitled ‘Whatever You Need’

Hunting is barely recognizable as the same band that released a debut album five years ago: it’s gone from a solo project to a trio, from folk to catchy electro-rock, and from wistful melancholy to buoyant exuberance. All this can be heard on the group’s sophomore album, Whatever You Need, due out in summer 2019 via Nevado Music.


French producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Vincent Fenton aka FKJ has announced his forthcoming EP Ylang Ylang, coming Nov 12th on Mom + Pop. Accompanying the news, FKJ shares his latest single “Risk” feat. Dreamville’s Bas. The collaboration and EP were born from an emotionally complex time for FKJ and manifested into a deeply moving expression of feeling and catharsis.”Risk” fuses FKJ’s blissful production with Bas’ rousing wordplay; an incredible collaboration that showcases FKJ’s muti-skillset as a creative and artist.

French modern-metallers Man’n Sin streamed debut full-length album ‘Garden Of Starvation’

As announced after about two years of hard-work, French modern-metallers Man’n Sin just officially released worldwide their debut full-length album called ‘Garden Of Starvation’ on CD & Digital through Bandcamp and all legal services (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon…).

Sheff G Blends Brooklyn Drill and Manhattan Luxury in the “Feel Ah Way” Video

Offering lilting basso melodies and sharp storytelling, Sheff G is bringing Brooklyn back to the forefront. Giving the visual treatment to a highlight from his recent mixtape The Unluccy Luccy Kid, Sheff shares “Feel Ah Way,” his new video. Produced by Great John, who provides a classic drill backdrop with bouncy-but-subdued piano and thundering kick drums, “Feel Ah Way” finds Sheff establishing his street bonafides and decrying anyone who ain’t about that life: “You was in school doin’ projects, we drill and run in n****s pockets.” In the video, Sheff relives his last moments before a crucial court case, which he spends in a luxurious NYC apartment with a dozen ski mask-clad associates, sipping Hennessy and enjoying the boss life before taking his Rolls Royce downtown to battle the system.

BLAC YOUNGSTA Releases NEW Music Video for “CUT UP” Remix ft. Tory Lanez and G-Eazy!!


“It is not hyperbole to call West a genius. With his Sunday Services and ‘Jesus Is King,’ West is once again testing the boundaries of that talent. But in the process, he may be building a cultural bridge that shouldn’t be discounted.” – NBC News

Guitar Connoisseur Premieres Edgy Root-Blues-Rock Band deFrance’s New Debut Music Video, “Keep The Night On It”

Arkansas’s rootsy-blues-rock band deFrance releases their new music video “Keep The Night On It” today through Guitar Connoisseur. The music video is a look into the life of those raised in the deep South who embrace those southern traditions but still leave their mind open in a world divided. deFrance wants to put Arkansas on the map and show the world that there are freethinking spirits making a point to join the Americana roots, blues, and rock movement all while showing the hardship and community his hometown has to provide.

Guitar Connoisseur Video Premiere of deFrance: Keep the Night on it

IRONTHORN Lay Claim To ‘Legends Of The Ancient Rock’

Legends Of The Ancient Rock is how one can easily deduce from the title, an imposing tribute to the music, life stories, emotions, feelings, reflections and events that have as their common denominator the life experiences related to Ironthorn’s music.

Carnival Club’s new video depicts their ‘screwed, blued and tattooed’ off-stage antics

Four-piece Manchester Alt-Rock band Carnival Club are back. Their explosive new single ‘My Lady’ incorporates fast-paced, impactful guitar riffs with the powerful, wailing vocals of charismatic front-man Kai Jon Roberts. When asked about the upcoming single, lead guitarist Eddie Moxon described ‘My Lady’ as their “ballsiest single yet”, predicting that it will become the new fan favourite.