Breakout singer Elah Hale releases anthem “Holding You Close”    

Today, breakout singer, Elah Hale, releases a tantalizing addition to her musical chapter with track and accompanying visual “Holding You Close.” The now 20 year old inked a deal with Interscope at a mere 17 years old but Elah and her music are wise beyond their years. The track showcases hypnotic vocals and stirring lyrics accompanied by a video that intimately captures the genuineness and lush confidence that is Elah Hale.

Between snapshots of visited junkyards and Elah frolicking in the desert, there’s a raw & empowering feeling that comes with “Holding You Close.” As Ella candidly states “sometimes things aren’t fantastical; they’re just life.” She vividly recalls how often profound moments in her life are intertwined with, if not elucidated by, music. It is this frankness that allows her to deliver a range of affect from touching to playful to painful and back with a keen sensibility for creating memorable music. Her introspective lyrics traverse the joy and heartbreak that multidimensional intimacy and relationships, not just romance, afford. Elah Hale reminds us that we are all in media res, trusts where she’s going, and we are right to follow.