Watch Didirri Perform “Blue Mood Rising”

Rising Alternative singer/songwriter Didirri follows up his infectious new single “Blue Mood Rising” with an equally magnetic and cinematic music video. Shot in the charming surroundings of London’s Ennismore Session House Hotel – once a public courthouse where Oliver Twist was taken for pick-pocketing in Dickens’s London – the visuals see Didirri exploring a number of rather elusive characters. Who they are, why they are and what their motives may be, are to be decided by the viewer.

On the making of the video, Didirri says:
“We were sitting on the grass in West Ham when the idea for the music video happened.

A friend of ours knew of a place that was a renovated old courthouse turned into a hotel headquarters. I’ve always loved the strangeness of a hotel. People coming and going but no one actually living there.

“We wanted the clip to reflect the feeling of trying new versions of yourself, of playing with the characters of who you are and who people think you should be. The place really captured that feeling – A place where people were once judged that is now a place where people are constantly transient.”