South-African Songstress Bijou Bijou Is ‘Feeling Bad’

“Feeling Bad” raises the middle finger to all of the fuckboys who have led her on, wasted her time and been disrespectful of her emotions but lets the listener know that sometimes “its easier to seek false validation than it is to correct one’s own issues and insecurities” and “that’s okay for now” (Bijou Bijou).

Written and performed by Bijou Bijou, “Feeling Bad” is a seductively hypnotizing track that takes you in from the first line to the last. Bijou’s vocals are warm, inviting and impossible to shake off. The lyrics are impressionable and stay in your mind long after the song has ended. The production has elements of Techno, Pop, synths and Alternative Indie resulting in a tastefully glorious Alternative Pop Hit.