Emotions Running High for Radio Drive

They say timing is everything and the timing couldn’t be more right for Radio Drive! Radio Drive’s sixth, full-length album was just released in August of 2019 and has been receiving rave reviews; one after another! The good news doesn’t end there for Radio Drive because the single “Sweet Thing”, featured on the album ‘She Colors My World’, recently made honorable mention in a book highlighting the Top 1,000 songs of all time! Radio Drive has incredible momentum at the moment, so just keep the wheels moving and axles turning!

In the midst of this hot streak, Radio Drive couldn’t be more happy, thankful and grateful for all of the recent successes & blessings. One particular blessing that means the world to Radio Drive is this honorable mention in a book. The book is written by author Jay Goldberg and is called “Rock On Neon Radio’s Top 1,000 Songs of All Time”. Rock on Neon Radio is a Live365 radio station and the book features songs they’ve played from Major & Independent artists. Radio Drive’s “Sweet Thing” was selected as an honorable mention by Jay Goldberg and I agree with Mr. Goldberg that “Sweet Thing” is a fantastic song worthy of the mention.

You can SKOPE out the official music video for “Sweet Thing” right here:

AND purchase a copy of “Rock On Neon Radio’s Top 1,000 Songs of All Time” on Amazon:


It’s safe to say that Radio Drive is currently on top of the mountain and riding a BIG wave of triumph! The new album, ‘In The Light’, continues to get major airplay on Indie radio stations across the board and feature artist spots. The record is also hitting the Top 20 Charts on Indie radio stations in Europe and the United States. Additionally, ‘In The Light’ was featured on NetFrance Radio with host Candice Marshall that served as a virtual album release party for Radio Drive, (https://netradio.fr/). One track off of ‘In The Light’, titled “Moving On”, recently received The Top Finalist Award for Best Rock Song from the The World Songwriting Awards. Radio Drive is honored for this recognition and honored by the outpouring of positive feedback toward ‘In The Light’.

Kevin Gullickson is the man behind the Alternative Pop Rock band and as Radio Drive, this musical act has won countless international awards and has gotten many nominations for the large musical catalog of songs & videos. Radio Drive can be heard all around the world and songs have charted on Independent radio stations in: Canada, Germany, the UK and the South Pacific. Radio Drive’s music has also been used on Television shows on networks such as: Animal Planet, NBC Sports, National Geographic, Comedy Central, Fox Channels, History Channel, Spike TV and Discovery Channel in the USA as well as TV programs in England, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.

Sky is the limit for Radio Drive and the current forecast is Bright with plenty of sunshine & blue skies. Radio Drive is setting the pace with the new release getting an abundant amount of love & attention, so full speed ahead! You will want to add Radio Drive to your listening rotation because the sound is uplifting & catchy and promises to give a powerful boost to your psyche! Radio Drive accelerates into the sunset where life, music & faith all become ONE.


By Jimmy Rae – https://twitter.com/2JRae