Skope Magazine X Bird Call “Chroma Love” Single

“her most striking music, as evidenced by her new album’s smoky new title track.” – The 405

Bird Call, the musical project from Chiara Angelicola, has released a brand new single titled, “Soliloquy.”

Angelicola adds, “In Soliloquy, I discovered that in order to deeply change my sense of self and belonging on this earth, I had to be able to stand on my own two feet through heartache and loneliness without a bottle or a relationship. I feel like my relationship to the music industry has been this way as well over the past decade, me struggling to fit in, expecting acceptance from others… I feel so much freedom now as an artist. My willingness to stand on my own without producers, labels, and outside influences couldn’t have happened without the time and experiences I went through.”

Her previous video, “Year of the Dogfish,” video was premiered with The 405 who calls the track “a fascinating commentary of the performative nature of relationships and how difficult these behaviors are to cut out of our relationships.”

Photo Cred: Kathrine Zembera