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AZAM ALI Supporting Bauhaus on December 1st in Los Angeles

“In my wildest dreams, I did not envision a Bauhaus show in the future, much less that I would be invited to open for them,” explains internationally beloved singer-songwriter/producer AZAM ALI who has been asked to open the iconic post-punk band’s December 1, 2019 show at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium. “This is a tremendous honor. knowing that it will be nothing less than a sacred event for those who attend, I feel truly blessed to be offered a share of this ephemera and what promises to be a transcendental experience.”


Carla Williams, the applauded vocalist that was spotlighted in 2019 as a New Release Today “Indie Artist to Watch”, will have you igniting the Yule log this holiday season with her version of The Carpenters classic, Merry Christmas Darling. Merry Christmas Darling is now available on Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. .

Out Now: Dinosoul Get Sad And Sound Huge On “Sorrows”

“Sorrows” is a song of two sides. The verses are heaped with a sense of self-doubt and a sadness that presents in Donovan’s vocal delivery that cracks with a weariness born of disappointment and frustration. In striking contrast, the chorus, balanced with its rich sub-bass and crystalline falsetto of Hilliard offers the rallying challenge to “wake up and follow all your own sorrows”. The duo explain this duality, “The song is a call to surrender to the journey of sorrow; it’s a cry to bravely take an adventure into your mind, and to confront fears, sadness and doubt so you can break that addictive cycle of escaping.”

Dux Release Debut EP at Chip Shop Venue

The long-awaited solo release from Coalescent MC, Dux, is finally here, a typically hi-octane, feel-good slab of 90’s inspired hip-hop. The lead track from their debut EP is Thought We Were Done, a much-needed reawakening of the upbeat 90’s lyrical hip-hop style with a modern UK twist, Dux’s EP, We Made It, was recently launched at Brixton’s legendary hip-hop outpost, The Chip Shop on 10th October.

[Video] Singapore Kane – “My Environment” [prod. DNA]

“It’s not my fault” is one of the most conditioned responses you’re likely to hear for unaccountability. Even if your aware or not, most of our daily choices are influenced… wether it’s authority, genetics or the fear of what others think, but the most powerful influence on someone is their immediate environment if you surround yourself with drug addicts your likely to become a drug addict, if you surround yourself with ambition your likely to succeed, if you surround yourself with unhealthy distractions you’ll end up paying the price over time.


2019 brings new things for Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and producer Stokley. Continuing on with his successful solo career, Stokley (Blueraffe Ent.) has partnered with the legendary Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (Flytetyme/Perspective) for his sophomore project Sankofa and is excited for the release of his new single “She,” written by Stokley & Carvin Haggins, produced by Stokley. “She” has already impacted radio in one week of being on the charts with it being the #1 most added on the Mediabase UAC charts. In 2017, Stokley released his debut solo album Introducing Stokley, which produced two #1 UAC hits “Organic” and “Level.”

NESSERIA / New Music Video

NESSERIA (France) just released a music video for their song “A l’Usure” from their album “Cette Erosion De Nous Mêmes”.
Released in october 2017 via Deadlight Records, “Cette Erosion De Nous Mêmes” was recorded at Drudenhaus Studio (ALCEST, ANOREXIA NERVOSA).


DAY KORNEGAY just landed his first Top 40 single this week with the energetic and feel-good single, “Automatic”. “Automatic” was written by Day Kornegay, Fenrick Gibbs, Adam Mason, Yaw Sintin-Misa, Nathaniel Jones and Fabiola Esperanza and produced by Rick Steel.

BENJAMIN TOD: Americana Highways Debuts “Sorry For The Things” Video

BENJAMIN TOD – founding vocalist/guitarist of iconic dark country outfit, The Lost Dog Street Band – is preparing to release his second full-length solo album, A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find, through Anti-Corporate Music in November. With the LP’s release growing near, Americana Highways has premiered a GemsOnVHS video for the track “Sorry For The Things.” – [photo by Tim Duggan]

Video Premiere: Benjamin’s Tod’s “Sorry for the Things”

foreboding Swedish indie-pop // Victoria+Jean ‘My Sins’

The band explains “We composed this song while we were sharing a studio in Brussels with Marc Huyghens, he’d come over to rehearse with his band, JOY. We’ve always had a profound respect for the man and his music, he’s elegant, handsome and refined. He represents everything we still love in this job, And when he offered us his praises during the song’s construction, we always said that we’d sing it and do it together”.

Listen to Michael Seyer’s new single “Heaven Only Knows” via FLAUNT

Regarding “Heaven Only Knows,” Michael stated “This song is special to me for a lot of reasons. I’ve wanted to write a Bossa Nova song for a while now. A lot of different types of Bossa Nova inspired this song, of course Joao, but also other artists like Masayoshi Takanaka and Yukata who created a sort of Bossa Nova/Funk fusion. This was also the first song I wrote for the EP and I ended up working with a lot more people than I usually do. I’m pretty isolated when recording but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone; I started working with my bassist/saxist, Okay Kaya, and even got my friend Marine to say something in Japanese and that sort of set the tone for working with others on this project. I also hold this song very special because I think it is really an accurate description of my perspective on love. This song was actually a poem I wrote before anything else and when I couldn’t find any words, I revisited my old poetry and found a poem, “I Don’t Believe in Heaven,” and adapted it for the song.”

The New Starts Now – Track: Love and Secrets

Deriving it’s sound from the MTV Generation, a blend of characteristics & influences that range wide on the spectrum seamlessly marries the acoustic presence reminiscent of “Wonderwall” with the driving low end of late 90’s hip hop. Artists such as The Fugees and Tom Petty serve as tentpoles to the foundation which The New Starts Now shines between.

Rain Phoenix Releases Gus Van Sant-directed Music Video, “Immolate”

Singer / songwriter / activist / actress / philanthropist Rain Phoenix has released the music video for single “Immolate” today. Directed by Oscar-nominated Gus Van Sant (Psycho, Good Will Hunting), “Immolate” depicts people from all walks of life – old and young, all races – expressing emotions across the spectrum, showcasing the universality of life: no matter who we are, we all feel the same things.

THE GHOST OF HELAGS – Unveil elegant new video for ‘The Santa Rosa Song’ – Watch

Following the release of their latest single on Friday, THE GHOST OF HELAGS, have unveiled a sepia-tinged new video for: ‘The Santa Rosa Song’.