Great Grandpa release new single ‘Bloom’

“‘Bloom’ came from a desire to write a song that could achieve two distinct goals. The first being to write a song for Carrie that combined many of her favorite genres/artists (90s pop country, Tom Petty, Third Eye Blind, Taylor swift, the Beatles, etc) into something cohesive. The second being to capture this elusive spirit present in many of Petty’s great songs, where the underlying melancholy emotion is gilded or masked by joyful melodies and arrangements then slowly revealed in the lyrics.

In the case of ‘Bloom’, I wanted to put our own twist on this formula and instead let the music/melodies do the reveal while the lyrics remain simple and almost naive, as if you’re giving yourself a half hearted, almost cheesy motivational pep talk you’re not quite sure you fully believe.”

– Pat Goodwin