Jeri Silverman “Fall For This” Single Now Streaming

“Fall For This,” the new single from ambient indie folk artist Jeri Silverman, grips an emotional tug of war with shaky hands. The hands are bruised and covered in scars left behind by a toxic relationship, but they still hold on. Echoing chambers of synth linger in the background of a vividly haunting wave of electric guitar, both weaving slowly around each other as Silverman’s deep vocals piece together the splinters of love’s past. “Fall For This” is due out for release on September 30.


“Fall For This” was written as a mental note, a recording of valuable lessons learned from holding onto love far longer than what is healthy. It bathes in the cold waters of heartbreak but rests just high enough above the surface to not completely drown. Gentle in tempo, the single slowly creeps its way around the layers of tension that remains after a destructive relationship. Sharp, crisp drums cut that tension with each beat while Silverman calls out to her inner self, begging to not go back into the burning building where her past love stood, holding the smoking match. “Fall For This” oozes with sultry hesitation and sways between the crossroads where love is both traumatic and irresistible.