Alt-rocker Modern Love Child releases new single and video, “In a City”

Modern Love Child (the pseudonym of Jonny Shane) has released the new single and video, “In a City,” from his upcoming debut album, MLC. Like most of the songs on MLC, “In a City” presents deep and relatable lyrics combined with a signature California-influenced alt-pop-rock sound. As SYFFAL puts it, “It’s shimmering and poppy, but if you pay attention… the aesthetic is thick and complicated and gorgeous.”

“The song was inspired by a trip I had to NYC to see my family and friends. At that time in my life, I felt really lost. Everyone else’s life seemed perfect and I felt left out, hence the line, ‘I don’t fit the mold,'” Shane explains. “Essentially, it seemed like everyone had it all figured out and I was still just this ‘dreamer in the streets, in a city that never sleeps.’ The song also represents some internal struggle, there is the line, ‘Maybe I should move to the suburbs, find a significant other, because a white picket fence is the best defense against the world outside.’ That’s basically thinking to myself, ‘Maybe I should just settle down and live a normal life.’ I’m certain most people can relate as we all tend feel a bit left out sometimes.”