South African artist, Jeri Silverman on Skope Magazine – ‘Come Undone’

Silverman wrote “Come Undone” when she had relocated to her hometown of Cape Town after 10 years of living in New York City. It was a time to regroup and reflect on new rhythms emerging within her after the frenetic pace of the NYC lifestyle. Directed by photographer Gavin Goodman, and shot by Thomas Roos, the video plays with the imagination of the self. The video features a male counterpart dancing alongside Silverman, whose hands ‘brush her teeth’ and ‘wash her hair’.

Is he her lover or just another aspect of her fragmented self? The two perform multiple choreographed dance routines in the dimly lit room, the moody aesthetic further alluding to the hidden thoughts that lurk within. While Silverman’s selves ‘come together’ to find this new rhythm, it is both a hint towards a deeper longing to truly come undone as much as it is a dance to be with these deeper parts.